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Simple Strategies to Study Less, Retain More, and Pass your Exams Without Anxiety and Nervousness

Taking classroom tests, standardized tests, and board exams can be complicated... but why do they have to be?

Ace Your school Test by Academic Guru, Kantis Simmons reveals how to instantly get better test scores and how to prepare for the standardized test, without all the emotional stress that comes with it.

Ace Your School Test Covers topics that include:

  • Understanding what to study, when to study, and even who to study with
  • Learning specific note-taking skills that no one ever talks about
  • Retain more information in class by properly listen and record class notes
  • Decoding what questions will be on the test (even before the teacher puts it on the test)
  • Demolishing test anxiety, stress, and the negative feelings of defeat
  • Approaching essay questions with ease and how to write them
  • Melting away stress by beating procrastination
  • How to motivate themselves for the “big test”

This course includes 4 Video and 2 Audio Downloads

“I really enjoyed Kantis speaking at my school. I learned that if you think negative things about yourself then you”ll have negative things. I also learned study tips for acing test and the kind of people i should be hanging out with. Thanks for your advice. My grades are higher because of you”

Amy (High School Student, Virginia)

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